Silveira Bros originated in 1974 and currently consists of Darrel and Dudley Silveira, Rick, Allison and Garrett Blanchard, and Carole Silveira. Rick became managing partner in 1990. Our show barn is ran by Garrett Blanchard and Nicole Pohlmann on a daily basis and our “on the road” help is Chris Bianchi and John & Kelsey Traini. Carole Silveira and Kelsey Traini help Rick in the office and customer relations. Tony Cervantes is the foreman here at Silveira Bros and he helps oversee the production of our Almond orchard. Tony and his wife Elozinda live here on the ranch.

We hold two production sales in the fall and one internet sale in the spring, along with selling private treaty cattle year round. At the ranch, we run 300 mother cows along with multiple recips for our extensive embryo transfer program using the most cutting edge sires and elite donors that the Angus breed has to offer. We are proud to utilize conventional embryo transfer, sexed semen, and IVF processes here with Embryo Inc. and Dr. Larry Lanzon.

Please feel free to stop by the ranch and talk cattle with us anytime!


Rick & Allison Blanchard

Carole Silveira

Garrett Blanchard & Nicole Pohlmann

Kelsey & John Traini

Chris Bianchi

Tony & Elozinda Cervantes